The Next Generation of Manufacturing Training

As the U.S. economy trudges up the hill to recovery, it is bound to hit a few bumps in the road. Recently the Department of Commerce reported that economic growth slowed in the first three months of the new year. Cutbacks in government spending as well as an increase in business investments offset the boost in consumer spending during the first quarter. These results show promise of continued growth, however the rise will be slow and steady.

From January to March of 2012 the economy grew at the annual rate 2.2 percent, compared to the 3 percent rise in the final quarter of 2012. However, the economy expanded only 1.7 percent for the entire year of 2011 and is expected to make a comeback of about 3 percent at the close of 2012 as increased hiring continues to encourage consumer spending.

Besides feeling the pressure of slowed growth, manufacturers will face another critical issue in the near future. That issue is the retirement of baby boomers. According to a poll done by the Society for Human Resource Management and AARP 19% of the 430 human resource professionals polled worked in the manufacturing business. And, 72% of all those polled admitted the upcoming retirement of baby boomers within the next 20 years is a serious problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. In preparation for this mass exodus many manufacturing managers have turned to industrial training. While some have still looked into perhaps hiring elderly workers as consultants, temp workers or even considered developing part time positions for the aging workforce, others have looked to their younger staff to step up to the plate. Part of that entails participating in manufacturing training.

Manufacturing training is critical to the success of any plant. Whether it is utilized to fill the gaps that baby boomers will eventually leave behind or simply to enhance performance of current workers from all generations, manufacturing training aims to increase production output and ultimately your bottom line. Contact ITC Learning to find out how our SCORM based industrial training courseware can help benefit your organization and your staff. Our online courseware is tailor specifically for your organization’s needs and ensures your workforce will receive quality industrial training in a variety of formats.