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Strategic Partners

IntraLearn Software Corporation

IntraLearn Software Corporation provides e-Learning software that helps small to mid-sized organizations to rapidly and effectively deploy measurable training and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among their students, employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Introduced in 1997, IntraLearn e-Learning software is now used by more than 530 organizations and more than two million people in 35 countries worldwide. IntraLearn products are sold and supported by a worldwide network of partners. With a business focus in the mid-market, IntraLearn is rapidly becoming the premier software provider in the e-Learning marketplace.

New River Capital Partners

New River Capital Partners is a venture capital fund with an investment focus in three core markets: the specialty retail markets, education and training, and e-commerce. Members of New River’s management team have held key leadership positions and investment interests in some of the country’s largest and most successful public companies including Blockbuster Entertainment, Republic Industries, Walt Disney Company and Eastman Kodak.