The Importance of Industrial Skills Training

The World Economic Forum and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. recently released a report which highlighted the two critical elements that could potentially threaten economic growth for manufacturers in the coming years. Those two factors include the lack of skilled manufacturers in today’s job market and the rising pressure for manufacturers to be innovative. The report states, approximately 10 million manufacturing jobs worldwide have gone unfilled simply because the skills gap continues to grow.

Craig Giffi, the vice Chairman of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., said “In the race to future prosperity, nothing will matter more than talent.” This is perhaps the reason why industrial training is so pertinent to the future of manufacturing.

Manufacturers in economically developed countries have faced difficulties in filling job openings for highly skilled workers such as engineers, while businesses in still developing economies have had trouble filling basic skilled production jobs on plant floors. The report alluded to a 2011 Manpower survey that said nearly 34% of employers around the world have had a hard time filling jobs due to the talent shortage.

Those businesses that can rise up and overcome the shortage will remain global competitors, however many company’s wonder how they can do to stay a step ahead of the rest. The simple answer is through industrial skills training. Industrial skills training is a guaranteed way to not only enhance the performance of your current workforce but also boost employee morale and the potential of future employees.

According to the Deloitte report, many manufacturing business are collaborating with educators to help soften the future blow of the current talent shortage. Educators and manufacturers hope that by working together they can encourage interest in manufacturing among young scholars and ultimately boost the skill level in the industry.

Skills training is an effective program that can increase both production and your bottom line. ITC Learning offers industrial skills training in an array of areas. To find out more about how industrial skills training can benefit your business contact us today.