Tips for Industrial Adult Learning

In this day and age industrial training has come into high demand. As industrial factory owners and their managers begin to grow increased confidence in hiring and spending, manufacturing training has become all the more important. This week, the U.S. steel industry reported a slow recovery as the first quarter came to a close. While the industry is still battling the post-recession slump, some progression is evident in their reports of higher prices for products sold to auto makers and oil drillers as well as for heavy equipment and other general products sold. Additionally, in the wake of recovery, many plants in an array of industrial fields plan to expand their plants and open new factories.

With a positive outlook on hiring and expansion, the industrial training programs implemented for existing and new employees should be carefully considered. Ways in which new material is presented to adult learners is another important factor to take into account. Below are a few tips to assure your industrial training is properly received by your adult learners and in turn is effectively applied to their daily tasks on the plant floor.

  • If utilizing a traditional classroom training environment, be sure to create a constructive learning atmosphere. Make sure mutual respect, a proper two way communication flow and shared foresights are all present in the classroom so that your adult learners know the instructor is there to help advance their careers and enhance their industrial skill sets.
  • Your industrial training program should be tailored specifically for your adult learners. By doing so, they will understand the importance of the courseware and know that your company is there to benefit not only their bottom line but also their own production capabilities.
  • Offer self-directed learning, where instead of the instructor providing the solution to a problem directly, they encourage the adult learners to research and find it on their own. Another way to ensure this sort of learning is applied is through the use of SCORM based online courseware. With online industrial training adult learners are forced to essentially become their own instructors and search for solutions on their own.
  • Consistently provide constructive feedback. Whether you utilize online courseware, full motion video courseware or even traditional classroom instruction, routinely evaluating the progression of your adult learners will help identify what they are fully understanding and what needs to be focused on a bit more.

When it comes to industrial training it is important to remember that developing a trusting and dependable relationship with your adult learners will help clearly get information across and ensure your trainees are properly grasping the concepts taught in the classroom or online. Contact ITC Learning today to find out more about implementing industrial training for your employees.