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Custom Development

In addition to its courseware, ITC Learning has created custom projects in multimedia and print-based formats as well as training analysis for the following clients:


Westinghouse Savannah River Company – Aiken, SC

Development of a 12-hour waste water treatment plant operations training program

Pacesetter Corporation – Omaha, NE

Development of sales training on multimedia including videodisc, videotape, job aids, student manual and coach’s guide

Viacom Cable and Rogers Cablesystems – Pleasanton, CA and Don Mills, Ontario, Canada

Development of interactive multimedia training: The C.O.R.E. Training Program for Cable Television Maintenance Technicians

Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) – Sacramento, CA

Development of an interactive multimedia-based training program on law enforcement first aid and CPR training for peace officers throughout California

Instrument Society of America – Research Triangle Park, NC

Development and production of 110 multimedia programs on instrumentation and control topics available to 48,000 members

Technical Association of Paper and Pulp Industry (TAPPI) – Norcross, GA

Development and production of interactive multimedia-based programs:

• “Papermaking Operators’ Training”

• “Modern Mill Maintenance”

• Co-development of the Activ® Administration Software Customization Feature

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Washington, DC and ICF Incorporated – Fairfax, VA

Development and production of interactive video program on health and safety training for Underground Storage Tank Inspectors for use by EPA

Caterpillar Inc – Peoria, IL

Development and production of computer-based training programs for over 150 dealers:

• “Basic Mobile Hydraulics”

• “Metallurgy”

E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co – Newark, DE

Development and production of an interactive simulation based program: “Electrical Safety Personal Awareness” for all DuPont facilities nationwide

International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation – Armonk, NY

Production of an interactive video instruction program: “Systematic Safety Analysis”

Metcalf & Eddy – Milwaukee, WI

Conversion of training materials to nine interactive training programs on wastewater treatment facilities

Effective Training – Santa Monica, CA

Development and production nine interactive multimedia programs on emerging technologies in data processing:

• Information Modeling

• Structured Analysis

• Structured Design

• Essential Systems Analysis

Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority – Baltimore, MD

Multimedia program information program on financial aid to Maryland-based businesses

MODICON – North Andover, MA

Development and production of four interactive multimedia programs on the 984 programmable controller

General Motors Corporation Truck and Bus Group – Indianapolis, IN and Flint, MI

Design, development and production of six interactive multimedia programs to train stamping press operators

U.S. Navy Information Assurance Program Office – Arlington, VA

Develop on-line training for Data Transfer Agents about Data Transfer procedures


Ford Rouge Power House – Dearborn, MI

Needs assessment to meet criteria of Ford PMEA program

Northwestern Steel and Wire – Houston, TX

• Needs Assessment and task analysis for steel mill operator training

• Assistance for developing training materials

• Training the Trainer programs

Ford Motor Company – Dearborn, MI

• Needs assessment for 67 plants on technical training

• Task analysis of interactive multimedia program on blueprint reading and lubrication

Georgia Pacific – Monticello, GA

Task analysis and training consulting

Webcraft – North Brunswick, NJ

Training needs analysis, consulting, and development of SPC implementation plan

General Mills – W. Chicago, IL and Lodi, CA

Task analysis, curriculum development, and progress assessments

Lukens Steel – Coatesville, PA

Task analysis and test validation for electricians and electronics personnel – two contracts

Packard Electric – Clinton, MS

Performed training assessment of electrical and mechanical maintenance staff

The Washington Post – Washington, DC

Managed training program for printing press operators

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company – Oklahoma City, OK

Training needs analysis and consulting

Arizona Public Service Company – Wintersburg, AZ

Training consulting services to plan and implement training


Ford/UAW – Dearborn, MI

Development of a comprehensive volume self-study text-based Math Enrichment Program in use at all UAW/Ford locations

The Pacesetter Corporation – Omaha, NE

Development of student manuals and coach’s guide for sales training

Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia

Development and production of petrochemical process control courses for Saudi Aramco engineers

NIST, Office of Weights and Measures – Gaithersburg, MD

Eight contracts to develop instructor guides and student texts training modules for weights and measures officials

Virginia Power Company – Raleigh, NC

Development of operation and maintenance procedures

CRS Sirrine, Inc – Research Triangle Park, NC

Operation and maintenance procedures for fossil utility plants (VEPCO) and on-site instruction

Ohio Edison – Straton, OH

Revision of plant system descriptions and operating procedures

Long Island Lighting Company – Islip, NY

Task analysis and course development for fossil operators and maintenance personnel – four contracts

Westinghouse – Monroeville, PA

Development of “Training the Trainer” program

Associated Electric Cooperative – New Madrid, MO

Training consultant and development of towboat operators manual (U.S. Coast Guard approved)

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