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Our Philosophy

Our mission at ITC Learning is to connect people to knowledge. ITC is the leading provider of industrial skills training to more than 6,000 global organizations and 1,000,000 users in the process and manufacturing industry. Throughout our 30+ year history, our training products have been developed and selected with the industrial plant worker and environment in mind. All of the courses have undergone SME review for content accuracy and have been designed to meet the needs of the industrial adult learner. Our courses are instructionally sound, engaging, easy to use and, most important, relevant to users’ jobs.

ITC’s extensive courseware library is focused on mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance training, with more than 300 courses and 2,000 hours of content. The courseware can be delivered in a variety of formats, including DVD, videotape, CD-ROM and online.

The ITC Advantage

Our courses have been developed by subject matter experts with substantial experience in actual industrial environments, so they understand how the real world – your world – works. Our curriculum is:

Results-driven – Specifically engineered with the capabilities and limitations of the plant environment in mind, so you get the most out of every minute.

Interactive – Courses use animation, graphics, audio and interactive exercises to keep your people engaged and on track.

Comprehensive – There are skills assessments, final exams and practice sessions in each course that use a variety of formats to reliably assess your employees’ grasp of subject matter.

Optimized for Online Delivery – Our courses are available in SCORM format for delivery to your LMS or accessed from ITC’s Learning Portal so you can train anyone, anywhere, any time.

Trackable – Our systems make it easy to monitor and manage the progress of all your employees.