5 Industrial Training Myths

Industrial training is perhaps one of the most important steps in workforce development. However, throughout the years many myths have come about as a result of both quality and poor manufacturing training. Some of these myths are listed below:

1. When the going gets tough, cut training.

This is statement is not only false but it’s absurd. It’s understandable that deciding on what budgets to cut is not a simple task to take on when times are tough. However, it’s during those tough times that you want your workforce to produce at their full potential, and in order to do so, often industrial training courses will need to be implemented.

2. Once industrial training is complete, manufacturing managers should not concern themselves with the issue again.

Following industrial training managers should consistently follow up to see whether their staff is applying those skills they learned. If they are, then plant managers as well as owners will be able to see the success of their work. If not, they’ll need to assess their mistakes and see how their industrial training program can be improved upon.

3. Putting a web-based industrial training program in place is the best route to go because it is the cheapest.

Although web based learning systems tend to be more cost effective, they are not always the most effective. Adult learners retain information in very different ways. Incorporating full motion video courseware as well as CD-ROM and DVD courses can help mix things up and ensure each of your staff members receives the proper industrial training for their learning style.

4. Implementing industrial training just once will solve all performance and development issues.

Wrong again. Industrial training courseware is a great opportunity to enhance employee performance and make sure proper protocol is utilized. However, it may take time and patience for your workforce to really improve upon their skills and boost output.

5. It will be obvious to industrial skills trainers what each trainee will need to learn from the get go.

Prior to organizing and employing industrial training courseware, plant managers should analyze their staff’s current industrial skill sets and, when training time comes, make it clear what it is their workforce is expected to take away from the program.

There are tons of myths pertaining to industrial training courseware and it is critical to become aware of them before actual training begins. To learn more about how to select the right manufacturing training program for your staff and how to ensure your program will be effective, contact ITC Learning.