The Importance of Making Manufacturing Training the Norm

When it comes to cost-cutting plans in many manufacturing plants, often the first of the budgets to be eliminated is that for workforce development. However, this is one of the most common errors made in manufacturing management when it comes to industrial skills training. Another common mistake is that managers do not take the time to step back and properly analyze the current skill level of their staff and the objectives they wish to reach. If manufacturing managers took the time to evaluate and prioritize the particular type of training they need to better benefit your workforce, then they might see in a time of nickel and diming that industrial training could actually be an opportunity to advance current skill sets and increase both production and your bottom line.

In order to put forth effective workforce development, industrial training programs and their optimization efforts must go along with an organizations specific outlooks. In 2009 Ron Kirscht, President of Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Co., noted a few factors which motivate his commitment to industrial training efforts. Those motivations include the following:

  • Nothing is static when it comes to manufacturing training. Your workforce’s skill level is either improving or becoming worse.
  • Profit directly relates to the quality and quantity of a given plant’s output.
  • Management’s most important task is to encourage the continuation of business.

Manufacturing training should be a part of every plant’s human resources norm. Air Products and Chemicals, an atmospheric gases and related equipment/materials manufacturer, aims to make manufacturing training a prominent part of their human resources. Vince Grassi, the firm’s director, said “As part of the HR function, workforce training and management is now one of the 13 standardized processes used across the corporation.” He adds, “The other advantage of standardizing processes lies in having a uniform, low cost model available throughout the global corporate presence.”

Consistent advances in manufacturing technology add another critical element to the training game. With manufacturing technology orders reaching a ten year high, manufacturing training becomes an important issue among plant managers. ITC Learning offers an array of industrial training courses to ensure your workforce is performing efficiently and effectively and ultimately aims to increase your bottom line and boost your return on investment. Contact ITC Learning today to learn more.