Safety and Maintenance Training Essential for Efficiency

Industrial safety training is no joke. While accidents are inevitable, manufacturing managers should do all they can to prevent them. Aside from offering the safest work space possible, they can also provide industrial employees with the opportunity to take part in safety training. Manufacturing training which focuses on plant safety alone is critical to ensure safe practices during production. However, implementing quality maintenance training is equally as important. A workforce with a well-rounded industrial maintenance skill set will be able to properly repair, install and maintain the industrial equipment found on your plant floor. Tending to routine maintenance issues and performing preventative up keep will assure everything is running smoothly.

With U.S. technology orders continuing to rise as 2012 progresses, maintenance training is becoming all the more important. The Association of Manufacturing Technology reported that manufacturing technology orders in February totaled nearly $444 million. This number demonstrates a 9.3 percent increase since January and was up 35.2 percent when compared to the $328.44 million reported in February of last year. Douglas K. Woods, President of AMT noted, “Manufacturing technology orders are off to their best start since 1998…U.S. manufacturers continue to seek increases in productivity through automation and innovative technologies to increase their global competiveness.”

ITC Learning offers industrial maintenance training that can help your current as well as new employees acquire their maintenance training certification or simply enhance their existing skills with maintenance training programs. With industrial businesses investing more and more in new technologies, proper up keep is essential to make sure their machinery is running correctly and efficiently. With a well trained workforce, frequent inspections of both new and old technology as well as an in depth knowledge of new technology maintenance protocols your plant machinery will operate to its full potential and ultimately work effectively to increase your bottom line. To find out more about industrial maintenance training for your team, contact ITC Learning.