Volkswagen Reaches Out to Fill 1,000 Jobs in Chattanooga Plant

Volkswagen recently announced their plans to conduct a nationwide search for industrial workers that specialize in the areas they now hold 1,000 job openings for in their Chattanooga plant. The search will consist of national online and print advertising to announce the positions available. Some of these specialty positions include maintenance technicians, logistic supervisors and manufacturing engineers, among others.

The German auto manufacturer is looking to hire most new plant employees from the surrounding Chattanooga area. However, some of the job openings require such specialized industrial skills, the automaker felt the need to expand their search nationwide, utilizing the up and coming town of Chattanooga as their selling point.

Volkswagen began building Passat sedans at their $1 billion Chattanooga plant more than one year ago. The car company sold nearly 23,000 units of the popular sedan just last year. Reaching an 83 percent increase from 2010. And this year’s sales have already exceeded last year’s. With the growing demand, Volkswagen hopes to increase their weekly plant operations to 120 hours, which would rise 40 hours from their current operational hours. The goal is for the Volkswagen Group of America plant based in Chattanooga to be able to produce upwards of 170,000 units come 2013.

State and local officials have also looked into implementing improved technical education programs in an effort to encourage students to pursue manufacturing careers. This is perhaps one of the greatest approaches as industrial training and apprenticeships offer the best real time experience possible.

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Image courtesy of Hinnamsaisuy