One Alliance Could Inspire Many in the Industry

On Monday the formation of the nonprofit group JobKeeper Alliance was announced. The group’s mission will be to assist in the creation and preservation of middle-class jobs in the state of Alabama. Stewart Burkhalter has been the master mind behind the project since his recent retirement from the Alabama AFL-CIO after serving as the president for 17 years. Burkhalter acknowledged that labor and business don’t often see eye to eye, however both could agree that the need for high-paying jobs is critical to continued economic success. Burkhalter stated “I realized I couldn’t do it without the help of the business and manufacturing communities.”

JobKeeper Alliance has yet to take a stand on bills within Alabama legislature. However, the group intends to stand behind proposals that will help develop and preserve jobs.

The group is funded by industry donors, but board members will not disclose who those donors are. Also on the board is George Clark who currently serves as the president of Manufacture Alabama. Clark made note that one of the Alliances major concerns is the aging boomer workforce and the lack of interest in today’s youth that will be necessary to replace those that retire in the coming years. Clark said, “We’re looking at 40 to 50 percent of current employees who are soon to be at the age of retirement…but have chosen not to retire because of the state of the economy…We’re anticipating a large exodus from the workforce.” Due to these concerns the group plans to partner with Alabama public schools in an effort to encourage students to learn the industrial skill sets that are in high demand.

While the group plans to take a stand on more legislation in the months to come, acting now is incredibly important. Aside from teaming up with schools, groups like JobKeeper Alliance should urge manufacturing employers to train their current workforce with comprehensive industrial training courseware. The industrial skill sets that baby boomers possess can also include invaluable information that many employers cannot teach.  By having older workers mentor younger employees industrial training efforts may boost your bottom line more than you could imagine. The years of experience baby boomers have in addition to their own industrial training can provide the new generation of manufacturing employees with an invaluable training experience. ITC Learning’s industrial training courseware can serve as a vital supplement to the tribal knowledge already in your manufacturing workforce. Call ITC Learning today to learn more.