New Industrial Technology Equals New Industrial Training Opportunity

According to the Association for Manufacturing Technology, U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled a whopping $401.69 million in January. The number was reportedly down by 26.5 percent from December’s orders but has increased 8.4 percent when compared to the $370 million reported in January of last year.

Experts reportedly expected order totals to come in much lower than they did during the first month of the year. This year’s consistent increase thus far has suggested there is a promising future in store. The fact that manufacturers are utilizing their bottom line to invest in new technology proves their confidence is growing in the possibility of future growth as well.

The report developed by The United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) examines the assembly and supply of manufacturing technology in order to offer a summary of regional and national orders made for imported and domestic tools.

When manufacturers invest in new technology, a moment to teach becomes a great opportunity to train employees and possibly increase their overall bottom line. With properly trained employees, manufactures can feel confident their new machinery and other investments in advanced technology are operated and maintained as they should be to last and perform well.

New equipment also means new safety measures need to be taken. Many industrial training courses offer all of the above so you can ensure your staff is well rounded and educated on all necessary practices to keep your new machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

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