Lack of Electrical Training Will Shock You…Literally

As we have mentioned time and time again, occupational safety training is essential to any industrial job. Young and new employees are more likely to be injured on the job than experienced workers. However, hundreds of thousands of industrial workers, new and experienced, are injured every year while working. Training and re-training your employees can not only benefit your business but also their well-being.

Anytime an employee handles an electrical circuit, there is an elevated risk of electrical shock. Electrical safety behaviors should extend beyond electricians. Any worker utilizing a power tool or working alongside someone dealing with electrical equipment can increase the chances of electrocution occurring. At ITC we recognize that industrial training is a fundamental element to running a successful and safe business. With our interactive courseware your staff will learn essential skill sets to practice their trade without harm. Below are a few points that will help educate your staff on the importance of electrical safety training.

  • Black and red wires are usually energized. Anytime an electrical circuit or component is energized there is a risk of electrical shock. White wires are usually neutral. However, neutral wires can still pose a threat if not properly handled by a trained professional.
  • Metal electrical boxes should always be grounded.
  • Before any repairs are made, all electrical systems should be shut off and then double checked to make sure they are completely off.
  • Utilize color coded wiring when dealing with voltage regulating equipment to ensure the safety of yourself and future repairmen.
  • Always lock out and tag out electrical circuits. Never attempt to open a circuit that has been locked. To gain access, contact the person listed on the tag for approval.
  • Always assess the job you are about to take on. By recognizing possible threats in advance you may save yourself or a co-worker from a work-related injury. Pre-work briefings can also help identify possible hazards and answer questions in order to avoid injury.
  • Consistently check wiring diagrams to make sure all proper connections are made. Any incorrect wiring can easily cause a fire.

These tips should be taken into consideration before dealing with any electrical component. By investing in ITC’s electrical training courseware you will greatly benefit your business and allow your employees to further their trade education.