Air Compressor and Pneumatic Tool Safety

Air compressors are used in a wide variety of fields, from manufacturing and industrial plants to commercial businesses and households. Among their many functions, air compressors are used to power pneumatic tools. These air tools utilize tough flexible hosing to connect to an air compressor that channels 60-120 pounds of air per square inch. The compressed air moves pistons back and forth that in turn power the pneumatic tools. While air compressors and pneumatic tools offer your business the opportunity to complete large jobs quicker and more efficiently, like all industrial equipment, they can potentially harm your employees and your project. An advanced skill set achieved through proper training will decrease the chances of injury on the job and allow your employees to use pneumatic tools safely and successfully. ITC offers extensive training courseware that will further educate you and your staff on the essential skills to operate industrial equipment properly. Below are just a few tips for air compressor and pneumatic tool safety.

Air Compressors

  • Drain the tank every 4 hours to reduce the chances of rust building up.
  • Never set air pressure greater than an attachment’s rating.
  • If you are using a compressor powered by an engine, check the oil level before each use.
  • Let the engine cool completely before you refuel.
  • Clean the air filter often to prevent dust and debris from reaching the pump.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule regularly to ensure your compressor performs safely and effectively.

Pneumatic Tools

  • Always read the manufacturer’s instruction manual before operating a tool, no matter what your skill set, you should be fully educated on each specific tool before using it.
  • Blow excess air out of the line before connecting any tool.
  • Double check to ensure the tool is properly and securely attached to the hose.
  • Wear safety goggles, gloves and hearing protection when operating an air compressor and pneumatic tools.
  • Do not use compressed air for cleaning purposes unless you utilize an attachment that will reduce the air pressure at the nozzle to 30 psi or less.

Industrial equipment and tools such as air compressors and pneumatic tools should always be operated by a capable and trained professional. To guarantee your staff is adequately trained, utilize the ITC industrial training courseware to educate them on safe practices.