How SCORM Can Benefit Your Business

When researching ways in which web-based industrial training will benefit your business you will learn about the many advantages of online courseware, like ITC’s. Some of the major returns on investment include an increase in safety knowledge among your employees and the opportunity to further their trade education as a means to increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. While these advantages are crucial to the advancement of your business, considering the structure of the actual courseware you plan on purchasing is just as important.

Today, SCORM (Sharable Content Reference Model) is an essential tool when it comes to e learning. Simply put, it is a technical standard that manages how online training courseware is developed and delivered to students. It dictates the stipulations for developing web-based learning material (i.e. what software language to use) and ensures any content that meets the SCORM standards is compatible with your Learning management System (LMS). The Learning Management System allows SCORM to communicate with the actual instructional material and share its contents across multiple platforms. Ultimately, SCORM permits your online courseware to be delivered quicker and at a lower cost. All ITC courseware is SCORM compliant and our LMS is designed to simplify directing your e learners to the appropriate courseware, monitoring their progress and tracking their scores.

The intentions of SCORM are to make online courseware accessible, adjustable, affordable, durable, interoperable and reusable for the following reasons:

  • SCORM allows users to pinpoint instructional materials from one location and share them with multiple locations.
  • Organizations are able to modify online courseware depending on individual and organizational needs.
  • With SCORM, your company can increase online training productivity by decreasing the time and costs of distributing courseware content. Since the software is compatible with all SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS’s), it also reduces the chance of needing costly upgrades or redesigns.
  • Regardless of how technology changes, your web-based training materials will maintain compatibility through the use of SCORM.
  • SCORM allows users to manage instructional content developed in one place and share it across multiple platforms. In other words, your courseware can run on different LMS’s.
  • With SCORM, instructors or managers can pull modules and content from different courseware and reassign them to new lessons or utilize them in a different context.

By using online courseware that is SCORM compliant, like ITC Learning’s, you can remain confident your industrial employees will receive the proper training for their trade through manageable and easily accessible content.