Why Hydraulic Training?

Hydraulics provide the motion, power and the control required to achieve much of what we take for granted in modern life. Without it, we wouldn’t have attractions such as the London Eye or steel to produce skyscrapers. Manufacturing plants that use hydraulic system should be aware of the importance of keeping the equipment clean. In fact, hydraulic systems should be checked for potential oxidation problems and thermal degradation of additives in the hydraulic fluids. This problem is especially common if it is a hydraulic system with a small fluid reservoir.

With hydraulic training, your employees will understand that thermal degradation of the additives in the fluid will cause varnish build up and lead to hydraulic-system valves sticking and operating erratically. If this is not fixed immediately, it can cause bigger problems. In fact, purchasing a new value can cost around $3,000, while cleaning and refurbishing a valve can cost about $2,000.

At ITC Learning, we understand that the economical approach to fixing this problem is to encourage hydraulic training to upper management. Implementing a hydraulic training program is one of the best ways to decrease downtime, maintenance cost and increase profitability. The continued profitability of any manufacturing company depends upon having trained employees that are knowledgeable about hydraulic systems, skilled at troubleshooting problems and maintaining the industrial equipment.

ITC Learning’s hydraulic training program is excellent for the training of mechanics, electricians, and operators that need to learn how to identify system components, read schematics, understand the conditions necessary for proper operation and maintenance of hydraulic systems.