Manufacturing Outlook Improves? What does this means for Training?

Recently the economic outlook in the manufacturing sector has begun to improve. In fact, Navistar re-hired 150 employees and plans to hired another 100 by 2014. Even Caterpillar has seen a record improvement in profits and has announced expansion projects in its U.S., China and Brazil plants. With this improvement, it’s very likely that there will be an increase in hiring in the manufacturing sector.

When it comes to hiring new employees having a hydraulic training, process training or subject appropriate training program in place is essential in educating your employees about the tasks and equipment they will be using to perform their jobs.  If you produce custom products or use custom equipment, there is no excuse not to have a training program in place, since training companies such as ITC Learning can design custom training programs for your employees.

For instance, if you need to familiarize your new employees with the topic of process training a course on Industrial Process Control techniques, then having them take a training course geared to this topic would be important. New employees will need to know how to manipulate controls to produce an end product with minimum raw materials and energy wasted. Small changes or errors in a process can have a significant impact on the end result.

In the past training was seen as an overhead cost, but at ITC Learning we know that there are actually great benefits to implementing a training program. Training actually increases moral and decreases downtime thus increasing productivity and the bottom line.

Making your training program count is the best return on your investment you can have. Plus, it’s an excellent way to continue to grow your company.

By implementing ITC Learning’s hydraulic training or process training program, we will positively impact how your employees do their jobs, efficiency and product quality.