Organizations demanding industrial training choices

When it comes to industrial training organizations like to have a selection of training methods to choose from. AT ITC Learning, we understand that a one-size-fits-none training program won’t work, which is why we have developed a variety of training formats for your organization to choose from.

Online Training

ITC Learning offers iKnow online training classes that can be performed anytime or anywhere there is a computer and internet access. A few of the classes available from ITC Learning include boiler training, hydraulic training, pump training and mechanical seal training. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic and makes it easy for students to learn at his or her own pace. Sign Up Now for a FREE iKNOW Trial.

CD-ROM  and DVD Training

ITC Learning offers more than 150 CD-ROM and DVD training courses for students to learn from.  CD’s and DVD’s training classes offer the ultimate flexibility for the end-user, since students can simply load and run the training at their convenience. This can either be done in a group environment or the courseware can be given out to each student.

Custom Training Classes

These are developed as needed for companies that need a customized curriculum for their employees. ITC Learning has created multimedia courseware, training analysis and print-based courseware for a variety of industrial organizations.

We understand that the key to providing students with an affective learning experience is to offer a full menu of choices. With ITC Learning program in place, each student will advance to the knowledge level that they need to be at to effectively perform their jobs. In addition, regardless of the delivery format that you choose, your employees training needs will be met.