With manufacturing technology up, can your workforce keep up?

In February, the Association for Manufacturing Technology released a survey that found that manufacturing technology consumption was up 138.1 percent since February of 2010. Companies looking to up their output are investing in technology to expedite and streamline the production process.

“The dramatic year-over-year growth further underscores the manufacturing renaissance that is taking place,” said Douglas K. Woods, President of AMT.

To get a detailed report, you can check out the full report that even breaks down tech consumption at the regional level. But, with an emphasis on streamlining and investing in manufacturing technology, there comes an added expense in educating employees on the new processes.

Five ITC Tools That Can Help

ITC Training  Tool #1: On-Line Products

ITC offers a complete line of on-line courses, from electrical skills training that address AC/DC Motor theory to mechanical training series that offers equipment repair courses. Additionally, the on-line courses are SCORM and AICC compliant. No matter how you plan to deliver the modular content to educate your employees on your new equipment, this ensures you’ll be able to deliver up-to-date industry best practices.

ITC Training  Tool #2: CD-ROM Courses

This resource is a comprehensive CD-Rom catalog that ranges from the above to an extensive instrumentation skills series that can address things like boiler control or even process operations. Additionally, the CD-Rom courses also have a compliance series, important for the evolving manufacturing environment. Most courses are also available on DVD.

ITC Training  Tool #3: Train the Trainer

Roles are being redefined on all fronts, so training those who will be training the new workplace employee is important. ITC’s DVD courses offer a special Maintenance Management Series.

ITC Training  Tool #4: Custom Courseware

With the evolving workplace, ITC can customize a training course with your specific needs in mind. Some companies ITC has catered to include: Viacom Cable and Rogers Cablesystems, Caterpillar, U.S. Navy Information Assurance Program Offices and more.

ITC Training  Tool #5: Learning Portal

Time is always of the essence. ITC Learning has developed iKnow, one of the best instructional learning portal designs in the industry. You can optimize online delivery, track employee progress, easily deliver online courses and it is fully interactive.