Industrial Lubrication Training

In an industrial plant it’s important to maintain proper lubrication. Since most large equipment is oil lubricated, knowing the right type of oil to use is a critical part of keeping your machinery in good working condition. Plus, it’s important that your mechanics, oilers, and other employees know the best type of lubricant to select. Not only that, but they should know how to properly store and handle the lubricant during delivery, otherwise it won’t perform as expected. The right amount of lubricant can mean the difference between a disaster and a well run machine. For instance, over greasing can cause the machine to fail. Without an effective mechanical training course, your machinery won’t work properly especially if your mechanics don’t know how to apply lubricants to the right places.

ITC Learning’s mechanical training courses are designed to educate employees about the concept of lubrication and friction, the benefits of a proper lubrication program, the benefits associated with synthetic lubricants, and the functions of additives and inhibitors. Our mechanical training courses will also discuss the common types and causes of lubricant contamination. This is important for your employees to know in order for them to properly operate and maintain your machinery. By establishing a mechanical training program for your employees, it will allow you to enhance your equipment reliability and save money. When you work with us, we’ll organize a comprehensive mechanical training program to turn your employees into industrial lubrication experts. The results of our mechanical training program will be well worth the investment.