Mechanical Training– Bearings

Bearings are used in a wide variety of manufacturing plants, and when bearings fail they can cause the machinery to break down or the entire plant to grind to a halt. Most failed bearings have a story to tell. It can help mechanics to identify the cause of the problem, maintenance issues, bearing selection errors, and other important issues.

For instance, since a paper pulp processing plant will probably use bearings everyday this can lead to premature bearing failure. But when bearings fail, they need to be replaced as quickly as possible. But sometimes it’s necessary to have your mechanics evaluate the bearing to identity the problem so they know what not to do or look for in the future. Although it might seem that having your mechanics evaluate the bearings will increase the amount of time it takes to get the new bearings replaced, doing this a few times can actually decrease maintenance time and cost.

ITC Learning’s mechanical training courses are designed to help companies reduce bearings failure rate through educating their employees in how to remove, inspect, select, handle, install, and troubleshoot bearings according to the manufacturers’ instructions and best practices. Our mechanical training classes will also show them how to replace bearings as well as maintain and identify the indicators of bearings failure using the right tools. Since all bearings need lubricants in order to function, we’ll teach your employees to properly lubricate them. From our courses your employees will take away methods to prolong bearings life, improve productivity and in essence reduce bearings maintenance cost. ITC Learning’s mechanical training program is essential to prolong the overall lifespan of your equipment.