When Accidents Happen

After 87 days the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has finally been plugged. This unfortunate accident is the biggest example of what happens when equipment such as valves and other instruments are not maintained properly. It’s possible that if the companies involved had a worst case scenario plan for their employees to implement, the disaster would not have been so catastrophic. But industrial companies can take note and use this disaster as a lesson to ensure that something like this never happens to them.

So whether you operate a chemical manufacturing plant, product manufacturing facility or other facility, having an industrial training and maintenance training program in place is important. Not only should you check to make sure that your industrial employees are properly trained, but it’s also important to ensure that all equipment is frequently monitored and checked for safety problems. Once these issues are found they should never be ignored and equipment inspections should never be skipped, even if there were no problems found in the last few inspections. This is a lesson that the oil giant is learning the hard way.

Industrial and equipment standards need to be maintained at all times to ensure that the equipment continue to operate in proper working order. ITC Learning provides globe and control valve maintenance training classes that are designed to teach individuals to identify the parts of a gate valve and describe their functions; inspect a valve and make adjustments to stop leakage; remove, disassemble and reassemble the bonnet assembly of a gate valve as well as disassemble and inspect a control valve for damage. This is just a few of the topics discussed in ITC Learning’s industrial training courses. Now, we all know that small mistakes can become costly catastrophes pretty quickly, so don’t make the same mistake and consider implementing a comprehensive industrial training program today.