Why a Manufacturing Company should utilize Online Training

With today’s technological advances, training doesn’t have to always take place in a traditional classroom setting. By working with ITC Learning, your manufacturing company will have the ability to utilize our comprehensive online training programs. Our e-Learning classes allow you to have greater flexibility and control over the delivery of the program.

Rather than having to miss work while training takes place, your employee can train around their jobs. Plus, you have the flexibility to decide when and where training will take place, whether it’s one or two hours a day, at night or over the weekend.  Basically, you can train your employees anywhere and at any time, which benefits everyone concerned.  With ITC Learning’s online classes, only internet access is required.  You and your employees can choose from a variety of self-paced training courses that address the professional and personal needs of each individual. Since the classes are self-paced, you don’t have to worry about employees being lost because the class is moving too fast. Plus, our classes are broken down in 30-45 minute modules to ensure that students have time to take in and process the information.

Our online manufacturing training courses provide students with an interactive and visually appealing experience through the use of animation, graphics, audio, and interactive exercises. ITC learning’s online manufacturing training classes teaches both theory and operations of the different manufacturing equipment and processes. We offer a practice test during the course and a final test after the course to evaluate your employees knowledge of the subjects discussed. An online manufacturing training class can be cost effective for both large and small industrial companies.