Updating your Manufacturing Training Program

The fundamentals of manufacturing rarely change, however, the equipment and software used does. Keeping up with the latest news and development in the manufacturing industry is important. But, you should know the right updates to apply to your manufacturing training program or work with an experienced organization that does. By updating your training program with the latest information and procedures, you will ensure that your employees are skilled at using the appropriate equipment and software.

At ITC Learning, we believe that revisions to training tools should happen on a regular basis, whether annually or biannually, to keep your employees up-to-date with all the latest procedures. Some employees are afraid of change, but ITC Learning’s manufacturing program will make your updated training program a seamless experience for your staff. We will update your training program with little to no disruption to the productivity of your company. We have self-paced online manufacturing classes that allow your employees to become familiar with the updated techniques and procedures.

You’ll know that your training program needs to be updated when:

  • Your company is using antiquated equipment that has decreased/slowed down productivity
  • Your company is the only one not using the new and proven techniques, procedures  and software
  • You are 10 years behind technology advances
  • You are no longer competitive with other manufacturing plants

If you have realized that two of the factors mentioned above are true, your company needs an updated training program. ITC Learning can work with you to review your training program to help you see what needs to be added and removed from your current program. With an updated training program in place you can regain that competitive edge. In addition, it can make a huge difference in productivity and profits.