Equipment Operations Training

Any individual or business involved in the manufacturing industry needs common equipment training.

Training is needed in order for your employees to become confident about operating the different equipment and deal with the challenges of their job. Common equipment vary from the extremely large machinery–the centrifugal pumps, steam turbines, and demineralizers— to the smaller equipment– electrical equipment, and strainers. For operators to become skilled and knowledgeable about using these types of equipment, they require a quality educational program.

ITC Learning’s industrial training programs allows individuals to become knowledgeable about operating centrifugal pumps, their preoperational checks, start up and loading procedures of checking steam turbines, understanding heat exchange and other subjects. With ITC Learning, students will learn to safely and efficiently operate the different common equipment. Our courses will also teach your common equipment operators how to look for problems and how to solve the ones that arise. Our courses allow students to see training in practice, which they can utilize on the job.

ITC Learning’s industrial training program is perfect for equipment operators, maintenance personnel and manufacturing companies. Our programs will help your business succeed in the manufacturing industry.