How Others Have Tackled the Need for Industrial Training

Over and over again we stress the importance of manufacturing training, as it is critical to the development of industrial skill sets within any workforce. Some manufacturers choose to search for skilled laborers while others opt to implement industrial training programs to further the skills of their current employees. Manufacturer Blum Inc. is one that has chosen to train in house in an entirely different way.

The North Carolina based manufacturer employs approximately 350 people and manufactures drawer hinges and runner systems for cabinetry as well as lift systems. Instead of searching high and low for the most qualified candidates, Blum Inc. chose to create the skilled workforce they desired right under their own roof. With the help of a comprehensive apprenticeship program, Blum Inc. guarantees trainees a job once they complete the program, called Apprenticeship 2000.

It’s no secret Blum Inc. must employ an extensively trained workforce with well-rounded industrial skill sets. Their 450,000 square foot factory is heavily automated with a large part of its components produced on site. Blum Inc. employees operate, maintain and repair most of the equipment.

The Apprentice 2000 program offers 8,000 hours of manufacturing training, which includes traditional classroom training as well as hands on experience. Graduates of the program receive an associate’s degree in manufacturing technology as well as a journeyman certification from the North Carolina Department of Labor. Trainees even earn a paycheck during their manufacturing training courses. Of course graduates are also offered a job at Blum Inc. with a starting salary of $34,000 and are not required to sign a contract. Despite the fact signing a contract is not mandatory, last year Blum reported that nearly 80% of its graduates remain with the company.

As the Apprenticeship 2000 program nears its 20th anniversary in the next few years, Blum executives admit the endeavor is a costly one. Over the course of the four year program, the average cost per trainee is about $100,000. However, the return on investment is priceless.

While some manufacturers may take such an idea and run with it, others looking for a more economical way to train their industrial employees should turn to programs such as ITC Learning. With full motion video courseware, CD and DVD training as well as online courseware, ITC Learning offers the manufacturing training necessary to develop a highly skilled workforce in an easy to deliver format. Contact ITC Learning today to learn more about their quality industrial training programs.