Surveys Point to Industrial Training as a Solution

The recent 2012 Executive Employer Survey was released by Littler Mendelson, P.C. and interviewed an array of corporate executives who are generally in charge of hiring and management of human capital. The survey found that most respondents, approximately 71 percent, plan to continue hiring in the coming year, while only 8 percent plan to lay off full time employees. Respondents to the survey also noted that some leading challenges they face include the demands for their workforce to do more with less resources and underemployment. Although, employee retention seemed to be the most difficult issue to handle among those surveyed.

Respondents to the Littler Mendelson survey also believe the upcoming presidential election will greatly impact job creation. 85 percent of respondents said they think Mitt Romney will make job creation a high priority compared to 70 percent that said President Barak Obama would assign high priority to job creation during his next term. Either way, respondents think the nearing election will have a great focus on creating jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Multiple factors affect the current status quo of the manufacturing industry ultimately limiting the labor force from maximizing output. However, during a time of sitting and waiting there is a glimmer of hope. Investing in industrial training can help offer manufacturers and their workforce a boost in their industrial skills as well as in their morale.

Industrial training can be applied to any given plant and is sure to further the education of its current manufacturing workforce. Selecting the proper industrial training courseware is perhaps one of the most critical steps in implementing effective training. Manufacturers what to ensure their industrial training program is interactive and offers the highest quality courseware available. With the right industrial training program, your current staff can increase productivity and boost your bottom line. And, with the future of hiring still up in the air, now is the time to ensure your existing employees’ industrial skills levels are the highest they could possibly be. Contact ITC Learning today to learn more about how your plant can benefit from our quality industrial training programs.