6 Steps to Help Create Change

Raymond Floyd, the current vice president of Suncor Energy was featured as this year’s keynote speaker at Industry Week’s Best Plants Conference. During a time which is usually used to discuss industry related case studies or how a particular business is enhancing their lean practices, Floyd took another approach and instead discussed his six steps to help build a successful workforce dedicated to changing an organization for the better.

First, Floyd suggests you share your goals with your staff and specify how they can help contribute to achieving those goals. By creating shared goals and teaching your employees the skills necessary to achieve them, you’ll be well on your way.

Next, actually give your employees the opportunity to learn the skills needed to accomplish your goals. By offering industrial training to your plant workers you are showing them just how serious you are about making a change. Industrial skills training won’t only benefit your business either, by implementing industrial skills training you set your workforce up for a successful and well educated future.

The third step Floyd referenced was the importance of providing the resources your employees will need to learn those skills critical to attaining your set goals. If you want to change the way in which your employees work and your plant functions you must have the resources necessary. Whether those resources are money, time, engineering or industrial training it’s important to remember as a plant owner or manager you control what your staff has access to.

Next you must set limits. Defining boundaries is pertinent, they help your staff know what they are capable of themselves as well as what sort of limits your manufacturing equipment has. The idea is that your staff has all the information they need to help you attain your goals. With industrial skills training your workforce will have a better understanding of your plants capabilities.

The fifth step entails providing your staff with the framework necessary to meet your desired changes.

Finally, you’ll need to offer the exact process necessary to implement your changes. If this requires taking part in industrial skills training or having employees change positions you will need to be as clear as possible.

Ultimately, in order to make changes in any given plant environment and actually see results, owners and managers must make their goals clear and offer all resources and motivation necessary to achieve those goals. Manufacturing training is an excellent resource to expanding your staff’s knowledge and allows you to help them help you.