Industrial Skills in High Demand

As we have previously noted, the U.S. manufacturing industry seems to be making a steady climb to recovery following the recent recession. While the industrial sector has proven to show some growth through the use of manufacturing training, the manufacturing market is incredibly different than it was in the years past. Competition has changed the way in which businesses function, innovate and hire. Today’s consumers look for cars, appliances and other products that are built to last and that carry over little to none of the overhead costs into the product prices.

While competition among industry leaders is tense, efforts to hire the most qualified industrial workers that can manage new and more complex manufacturing processes as well as produce high quality goods has become a competition all in its own. Recent surveys estimate that almost 10 million manufacturing jobs could potentially come into the job market of over the next few years.

While the battle for the most qualified workforce is in full gear, the most sought after competencies have also changed. Korn/Ferry’s recent analysis of talent development in the manufacturing industry said the five skills that are in highest demand are as follows:

  1. Drive for results
  2. Decision quality
  3. Integrity and trust
  4. Customer focus
  5. Ethics and values

The skills required to perform manufacturing jobs efficiently and effectively have evolved just as the industry has. Manufacturing managers and plant workers must be consumer focused and possess the ability to make educated decisions quickly.

So the question remains, do the skills that are in demand match up to the skills that are in supply? Looking at the recent growth in productivity and advances in innovation it would seem so, however the same Korn/Ferry analysis states the skills that are in the greatest supply include:

  1. Ethics and values
  2. Integrity and trust
  3. Intellectual horsepower
  4. Function/technical skills
  5. Action-oriented

Comparing the two it seems there is a lack in skilled laborers that are focused on the consumers, who are results driven and who can make sound decisions. So, what can be done to harness these critical manufacturing skills in today’s industrial sector? Simple, develop them within your business. Manufacturing training has long been the ideal means for identifying and developing the industrial skill sets within your workforce. By implementing quality manufacturing training your business and employees will benefit from learning the skills that are in high demand and necessary to run a successful production line. Contact ITC Learning today to find out which industrial training program is right for you.

(Source: Korn/Ferry International)