A Time to Teach

Despite tough economic times the United States is still the leading manufacturing nation in the world. This past Tuesday night President Barak Obama spoke to millions of viewers in his State of Union address. In his speech he reminded the American public that manufacturing has long been the backbone of the American economy and if invested in, the industry can boost our economy back to stability. While there have been struggles over the past years, the percent of GDP that manufacturing fills has remained nearly the same for more than 30 years. Businesses also provide a great portion of taxes that help run state and local governments and manufacturing is in close second, contributing nearly 20% of business taxation.

With the government taking a stand on improving the manufacturing industry and employers becoming more confident when it comes to hiring, a chance to train presents itself. Initial training and retraining are equally important when it comes to industrial skills. Manufacturing laborers often work in a wide variety of areas within the plant and without proper training it is almost certain they will not be able to perform their job safely or correctly. By allowing your workforce to improve their industrial skills and expand their expertise you’re giving them a chance to help themselves and your business.

ITC Learning is dedicated to providing quality courseware to help train your industrial employees. The goal of any industrial training skills program is to minimize downtime and maximize productivity, but at ITC Learning we take industrial skills training a step further by offering not only safety and mechanical training but also process training, control training, boiler training and much more. In an unsure time there is one thing you should be sure confident in, and that is the capabilities and the talent of your team. By providing comprehensive courseware that includes animations, audio and interactive exercises trainees receive a well-rounded learning experience. Additionally, all ITC content has undergone a thorough SME review to ensure accuracy and can be tailored to your business. Contact ITC Learning today to find out how interactive online courseware can increase your bottom line.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhots.net & Stuart Miles