Durable Goods Benefit from Industrial Training

Industrial training is the heart of every manufacturing business. From safety training to maintenance training to basic boiler and air compressor training, industrial training skills serve as one of the most important building blocks to a successful plant. Just ask durable goods manufacturers around the U.S. who saw a strong 3% increase in December.

On January 26th, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that during the final month of 2011 manufactured durable goods increased $6.2 billion amounting to a whopping $214.5 billion. Transportation equipment alone has increased for two consecutive months and had the largest growth of nearly $3.0 billion, totaling $58.4 billion. All of which was due to non-defense aircraft and parts. Cliff Waldman, economist for the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation stated, “Like other recent data, the December report on demand for long lasting goods paints a picture of an economy that ended a volatile and challenging 2011 on a positive note…Total new orders, now up during five of the last six months, increased a strong 3% after an even stronger 4.3% advance in November and for the year registered a solid 10% gain over 2010 levels”

Waldman’s statement has given the industry a sense of hope which may incite restored confidence in many manufacturers who have been hesitant to begin hiring new talent. But with a brighter outlook on the new year as the first month comes to a close, manufacturers should see an opportunity to tailor new hires and create an effective and productive industrial worker. How? Simple, by offering easy to use industrial training courseware. Whether it is via an online SCORM based platform or through the use of full motion video courseware, quality industrial training is bound to give you the greatest return on investment. Looking for a nudge in the right direction? Contact ITC Learning today to find out how our industrial training courseware can benefit your plant and your workforce.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net & DigitalArt