What are Manufacturers’ Looking for in Employees?

The need for advanced skilled workers in the manufacturing industry is at an all-time high. With baby boomers beginning to retire, a new era of skilled workers will need to be trained and developed in order to run a plant smoothly and successfully. Since 2007, nearly 2.4 million manufacturers have been laid off. However, despite the fact that these trade workers are looking to fill the 600,000 job openings, manufacturers are looking for something more than just an average worker, they’re looking for employees trained to encompass an advanced industry skill set. The next generation of workers will need to go beyond critical thinking skills and filling the gaps that technology cannot, they need to be able to develop, acclimate and reinvent on a daily basis. These workers need to think like engineers, they need to look for solutions before issues arise and must bring an array of production and development knowledge to the table.

So what does being an advanced skilled worker entail? Some manufacturers have categorized advanced industrial skills as the ability to operate and maintain manufacturing machinery and read intricate blueprints. A fertilizer manufacturer broke down the requirements a bit more. They described two types of advanced skilled workers:

  • The Journeyman Mechanic: This category of skilled workers is capable of rigging, welding, iron working and pipe fitting.
  • The Electrical Instrumentation and Automation Specialist (EIA): These workers manage instrumentation, electrical components and machines controlled by computers and network systems.

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