Training for the Future

With the national unemployment rate reaching around 9% it may seem hard to understand why so many job postings have gone unfilled. But in the manufacturing industry, it’s actually not such a hard concept to grasp. The reason being, most job opening are left unfilled due to the lack of technical and industrial skills. And as the gap between what’s available and what is needed widens, the necessity for a workforce that is properly trained and can keep up with evolving technology is critical.

Baby boomers are slowly approaching the age of retirement and while many will most likely continue to work during these challenging economic times, the next generation will begin to rise to the top. The plus side is this maturing generation is tech savvy so technological training may come easier than, say, industrial skills training.

So with a technology prone generation, what is the best form of industrial skills training for this new breed of adult learners? Well, in order to succeed you need a training skills program that delivers quality plant training not only to your doorstep but also to your laptop. ITC Learning’s e learning programs focus on the fundamentals of manufacturing training knowledge in order to help your business maintain a competitive advantage. Companies are actively seeking better qualified employees. To ensure your team is properly trained for their trade, managers need to implement interactive industrial skills training courseware that can deliver fast, customized and updateable training.

Online industrial training allows adult learners to expand their industrial skills anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. With ITC Learning’s SCORM based program, your courseware can be updated regularly and your employee’s progress can easily be tracked. E learning offers easy access to maintenance training, instrumentation training or process training and reflects the industry’s evolving standards.

As the future becomes our present, manufacturers need to be prepared to train new hires and re train existing employees so that they can employ a unified, adaptable and well trained workforce. Contact ITC Learning today to learn how we can help your business fill job openings with educated industrial workers better prepared for our future.

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