Unemployment Applications Decrease while Manufacturing Jobs Increase

The Labor Department reports the number of unemployment applications fell in the first week of November. The number of applications dropped to the lowest level since April 2011. The drop in applications may be an indication that employers are beginning to feel comfortable hiring again. Additionally, the Commerce Department announced the U.S trade deficit reached its lowest point of the year in September 2011. With foreign sales of American machinery reaching an all-time high, the deficit dropped for the 3rd consecutive time by nearly 4% to a grand total of $43.1 billion.

While the hiring outlook has been somewhat grim for a while, Washington D.C. reported that employers added more jobs in August and September than they had originally intended. Industrial employers have posted more jobs in September than at any other time over the past few years.

With a modest economic growth underway, industrial training initiatives are even more crucial.  Manufacturing plants, small and large, must realize the importance of hiring competent employees who are willing and able to not only perform the expected tasks of the job but also take part in tailored training courses. Employees who are eager to learn and advance their industrial skill sets are essential to any industrial business. Technology continues to rapidly evolve and so must your industrial workforce if you plan to maintain a competitive edge. ITC Learning’s online courseware covers all the safety and maintenance basics as well as in depth industrial skills training. Our courseware can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. From control training to air compressor repair to boiler training and even hydraulic training, you can rest easy knowing ITC Learning is an industry leader in providing the most accurate and quality industrial training.

In October, the economy created 80,000 jobs, the fewest added in over four months. However, with unemployment applications going down and manufacturers working to create more jobs a bright future is near. The next step is to create highly skilled and knowledgeable workers to manage your production, increase your efficiency and produce the best quality output for your business. ITC Learning can help you accomplish these goals by utilizing our SCORM based online courseware selected and customized specifically for your business and your employees.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net & M_Bartosch