Get the Most Out of Industrial Training Initiatives

When it comes to industrial training, to increase your success rate, you must first determine your desired outcomes. More than often businesses train employees when a standard of work is not met, however training workers in advance will allow you to maintain a superior quality of work. To accomplish this you must be able to clearly communicate what your desired standard is as well as assess the level of skill your workforce currently possesses.

By identifying your desired outcome as well as the skills of your workers, you will be able to focus your training initiatives on relevant and critical skill sets that your employees may lack.  After all, if your industrial training in not tailored around the job skills that are vital to your production environment, your initiatives will prove to be useless. Below are a few guidelines that should be addressed prior to implementing industrial training. If these steps are not taken your return on investment will be minimal.

Identify training goals:

Describe the performance required in detail and in a way that is measurable. This will allow you to accurately evaluate employee performance to determine whether training was effective of not after the training courses are completed.

Focus training on the most crucial outcomes:

Your training should be based on the goals you wish to achieve. By tailoring training courses around the skills necessary to achieve these goals your workers are more likely to aim to accomplish your objectives. It is equally critical to recognize that individuals learn differently. ITC Learning offers a variety of training courseware that ranges from online courseware, to CD-ROM courses to full motion video courseware. Your employees should be matched with a courseware format that best fits their style of learning.

Be sure your selected trainees are willing to learn:

Be certain that the employees you choose to attend training classes are willing to take the time to further educate themselves and work to achieve your desired outcome. Make your objectives clear and reiterate them as often as possible so that employees don’t only take away an extended knowledge base but also a keenness to apply their new skills to their trade.

Allow opportunities to showcase their skill:

Performance cannot be properly evaluated if employees do not have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Their new skills will need to be applied so make sure your workers have the chance to use their newly acquired knowledge.

Maintain an open communication channel:

Your employees may have questions or they may even have answers. Offer feedback and listen to the challenges they face. With proper industrial training, workers will be able to help you identify issues you may have otherwise missed or have not been exposed to and assist you to find the necessary solutions.

These guidelines are not the only important steps to take to ensure your employees are accurately trained. Developing and implementing user friendly content and trade relevant courseware is also essential. ITC Learning is an industry leader when it comes to industrial skills training. We offer a sizeable library of courseware for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance training. All of our courseware content has undergone inspection to ensure it is accurate and meets the needs of today’s industrial adult learner. Click here, to discover what ITC Learning has to offer your business.