Manufacturers Need to Act Now To Aid the Industry

On Wednesday, Aric Newhouse, the Senior Vice President for Policy and Government Relations of the National Association of Manufacturer (NAM) released a statement concerning the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Cement MACT and Boiler MACT regulations. Mr. Newhouse stated that the House will have an opportunity to protect manufacturing jobs and economic growth when they meet later this week. They can do so by passing legislation to stop the EPA from executing the Cement MACT and Boiler MACT rules.

The Cement MACT will cost the industry $3.4 billion over the next three years, while the Boiler MACT will cost manufacturers $14 billion to install devices on boilers in an attempt to reach almost impossible levels. These costly regulations will without a doubt put many industry jobs at risk.

While the manufacturing industry understands the importance of environmental protection it is only now slowly recovering from the economic downturn, and the EPA’s overregulation threatens manufacturers businesses and jobs. NAM states that these regulations will greatly increase energy costs and make it difficult for businesses to compete. As a result, NAM is urging congress to pass the Cement Sector Regulatory Act and the EPA Regulatory Relief Act in an effort to rein in the EPA. NAM is wholly committed to working with Congress to establish climate and energy policies that will protect the environment while at the same time preserving industry jobs and development.

On the other side of the coin, the White House said the NAM’s bill may override some long overdue requirements to reduce air pollution from industrial boilers, solid waste incinerators and cement plants. The bills may also lessen the EPA’s ability to ensure that the standards it develops are implemented to protect Americans and their families from pollutants. So the question remains, where is the happy medium for both parties? There is no doubt though that manufacturers need to be aware and act immediately.

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