Help Your Business and Your Employees with Blended Learning

The unsteady economy has surely changed the way many businesses operate. From pay cuts to layoffs, many industries have had to adapt and endure, and the manufacturing business is just one of many. During these tough economic times, manufacturers have had to learn to run their business with a smaller workforce. This means having a staff that has the ability to take the lead and execute tasks all across the board. Since quality workers are now the most critical investment, organizations must employ training programs that can quickly and accurately educate employees in order to maximize productivity.

Blended learning is a new form of training being explored by many businesses. Instead of solely depending on traditional classroom learning, blended learning incorporates different learning environments, including online and video formats. Integrating multiple forms of instruction into your training program can help meet the needs of workers with a variety of learning styles. Utilizing alternate mediums for training also saves time and money by virtually eliminating travel and keeping people on the job. In order to make use of a successful blended learning program, you must:

  • Encourage your employees’ ability to recall and continually apply what they have learned.
  • Follow their performance and offer feedback
  • Mirror organizational methodologies and culture to assure an engaged and productive workforce.

Skills training is a critical aspect of every business plan. Not only does it enhance individual and team performance, but it also impacts your bottom line. In order to select and utilize the right industrial training program you must first decide what business goals you wish to achieve. By setting expectations, you will be able to accurately measure the effectiveness of your training initiatives. To accomplish your desired outcome you must ensure your employees have quality and accurate courseware to refer to. ITC Learning offers online industrial training which utilizes SCORM in order to allow content to be shared across multiple platforms. This facilitates tracking employee progress and accessing the courseware. With ITC Learning your operations training is more likely to maximize your ROI and help your business achieve measurable results.