Ensure Your Employees’ Skills are as Current as Your Equipment

As technology continues to evolve the manufacturing industry is sure to follow. Computers and robotics have undoubtedly changed the industry and in some ways made it more accurate and efficient. The Association for Manufacturing Technology and The American Machine Tool Distributors Association reported that in July of this year, manufacturing technology consumption amounted to more than $500 million dollars. The amount shows a 93% increase from July of 2010, when machine tool sales totaled around $260 million. Overall, sales have gone up an astonishing 102.9% from 2010. AMTDA’s president says that the ups and downs of the stock market have had little to no effect on the demand for new machinery in plants. He predicts that eventually this pace will slow as orders are fulfilled, however in the meantime business is booming. Regionally, the Midwest has seen the greatest success with sales reaching $159.26 million. While the Northern region reached just over $75 million. The increase in manufacturing technology consumption may shed a light of hope on the condition of the industry’s economic standing, allowing it to continue to improve and develop more advanced systems.

With machine tool sales doing so well, manufacturers must ensure their employees are properly trained to operate and oversee their updated equipment. Just like the evolution of the industry the training skills of industrial employees must progress as well. ITC Learning is devoted to ensuring your staff is duly trained so they can operate the newest technologies in your plant safely and correctly. Inadequate training can result in injuries in the workplace. While accidents cannot be predicted, together we can do our best to ensure they are prevented. Not only is proper operation of your machinery important to your business’ success but also the maintenance of your tools. ITC’s online industrial training aims to help your staff maintain an advanced knowledge base of new and basic skills. We also offer maintenance training to ensure the upkeep of your equipment is performed properly and regularly. Protect your business, your employees and your equipment by investing in ITC’s skills training courseware.

To read the full report released by USMTO, click here.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net & Suat Eman