More Training Means More Jobs

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence has been a driving force behind the Rebirth of Manufacturing Jobs initiative. The project hopes to stimulate the manufacturing job market by reaching out to policy makers locally and nationally. The goal of the program is to get executives and government officials motivated to join and develop efforts to increase awareness of the green movement and manufacturing’s goal in it. It also aims to unite nearby businesses into groups, also called consortia. The objective of the consortia is to increase productivity and solve problems linked to regulations, access to resources and lack of a well trained work force. The end result will hopefully revitalize the industry’s business and increase the demand for skilled industrial workers. However, the government will need to take a stand for this initiative to be successful. By building awareness first and eventually a framework and infrastructure, policy makers will allow consortiums to create a network of productive and environmentally conscious manufacturers.

Over the years manufacturing jobs have rarely been hard to fill. However, with budget cuts and downsizing as a result of the recession taking a toll on the industry, reports show that nearly 32% of manufacturers found it difficult to fill jobs due to lack of skill and improper training. While there are plenty of workers with experience, many lack extensive training that can become a determining factor in the selection process.

ITC Learning is dedicated to training and retraining industrial employees. Our interactive courseware and easy to use management software are ideal for any business. As the economy inches towards recovery, well trained workers will become an important commodity to all manufacturers. Adequate training and advanced skill sets will make workers more marketable in the job market and more likely to land a job in the industry.