Make the most out of Training your Industrial Employees

While training new and existing staff will benefit the output of your employees, the ultimate objective is to maximize your return on investment. In order to do so, your company must assure those being trained understand the goals of your business and how advancing their skill sets will be critical to your company’s success as well as their own. Below are a few tips to enhance the online training experience for your employees as well as increase the chances their new skills are effectively retained and applied.

1. Clearly state your goals

By clearly defining your business goals, your employees will know exactly what is expected of them and how their training skills will apply to their daily work.

2. Offer guidance

Sometimes we forget that even adult learners need instruction. By offering your trainees support and coaching, their industrial skills training is likely to be more effective and run smoothly. With almost 70% of jobs requiring some form of training, it is important that your employees are not only properly trained but are also able to reach out to a supervisor if they are lost or confused.

3. Give your employees the opportunity to showcase their new skills

Nothing is more frustrating than spending the time to learn something and then never getting the chance to demonstrate your newly acquired skills. Make sure the industrial skills you teach your employees are relevant to their work and encourage your staff to utilize them on a daily basis.  An important skill many industrial workers must have is the ability to identify and solve problems. If properly trained, workers should ask questions and investigate problems to ensure your machinery is operating to its full potential.

4. Monitor your newly trained employees

Your employees may have recently expanded their industrial knowledge, but they are still new to the application of their skills. Monitoring their performance and assuring they have the opportunity to apply these skills will continue to help them learn and improve their skill sets.

5. Measure results

The goal of investing in skills training is to increase your bottom line. Once your employees are adequately trained and monitored, measure the results. Has their performance improved? Are they utilizing their skills properly and when necessary? Having your management address these questions and measure their output before and after training will prove to you investing in industrial training can greatly benefit your business.

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Image courtesy of & Renjith Krishnan