Tips For Better E-Learning

When incorporating SCORM compliant web-based e-learning programs into your employee training practices, implement these helpful tips to ensure your employees get the most out of their e-learning experience.

• Incorporate different elements into your e-learning to keep trainees engaged. Mix up the sequence of video, audio, and interactive quizzes in order to hold your trainees’ attention and help them better retain the material.
• Learning is a social activity, so encourage your trainees to help each other by posting and responding to discussion board questions and provide opportunities for students to communicate and share knowledge.
• Determine what your trainees need to learn for their jobs and how, where, and when they can learn it. Drive the success of e-learning by encouraging your employees to be responsible and self-sufficient learners and allow them to discuss areas in which further training is needed.
• E-Learning must be always aligned with business objectives. Rather than trying to reach a quota of employees completing mandatory training, focus more on employees applying their learning and that the performance of the individual and organization has improved.