What You Need to Know About SCORM

SCORM is not just the latest internet buzz word, it’s an important e-learning standard that allows companies to tailor their training program to meet the needs of individual students without the expensive price tag. The SCORM approach is self-paced and self-directed. With SCORM content and programs are sharable within a single learning platform, regardless of the system the platform uses. This is why SCORM is a powerful tool for online training.

Why Standards?

History shows that the launching point for any new innovation starts with the adoption of common technical standards of practice. Once a group of people start using the same method to perform a task they can learn how to improve the method and create revolutionary programs/machines that change the way we live.

How Many Versions of SCORM Are Available?

There are currently three different versions of SCORM including SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004(also known as SCORM 1.3). In fact, SCORM 2004 1st edition as several different editions which were revised to include changes and the upgraded versions include SCORM 2004 2nd edition and SCORM 2004 3rd edition. Each version will probably require some customization for your courseware to perform efficiently.

Which version is relevant and the best?

It’s true; all versions of SCORM are relevant. The main goal of SCORM is to create an e-learning system that works well with other systems. Currently all released versions of SCORM provide the same functions, but any mistakes or issues in the previous versions are fixed in the newer version.

Getting started with SCORM

Getting started with SCORM is as easy as finding the right SCORM training company to work with. SCORM fosters standards which enables organizations to grow and realize that they do not need to continually use one training software to teach their employees. At ITC Learning, our SCORM e-learning solutions is designed to help companies take care of their e-learning needs when they’re struggling to integrate their existing system with newer ones