Economic Recovery: Are you prepared for growth?

Consumer patriotism means more demand for American-made products, which demands skilled workforce

Recovering from the recession has been arduous, but one of the effects of the recovery has been a marked increase in demand for American-made products

“I was very pleased to learn that it was made in America. I would always go for an American-made product where possible because of its quality,” said Robert Hall of Pensacola, FL in an industry insider blog post by ICM Controls Marketing Manager Kevin Jobsky.

Hall represents a growing number of people that have a renewed interest in American-made products, in lieu of, say, Chinese or India imports. The resurgence is also aided by government grants. Companies are being incentivized to limit outsourcing and, to over-simplify, production of tangible goods has long been instrumental to economic recovery (See: Post-WWII Germany)

Online Courses: Real-time workplace training

The growth in demand for domestic products means that manufacturers will have to up their supplies. Additionally, increased supply means that companies will have to hire, like they’ve had to do consistently over the last four months. Manufacturing is competitive, and with companies looking to be the first-to-market to take advantage of this resurgence in consumer patriotism, having a capable and trained workforce to meet supply needs is a top priority. How effective is your training process?

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