Training for DC Motor Technicians

The 1800s is credited with numerous inventions that have revolutionized our daily life. The DC motor is one of them. Since it was accidentally partnered with another instrument and produced voltage it has been used in conveyor belts, elevators, cranes, ski lifts, extruders and mixers. Today, the DC motor has become one of the most popular equipments used in manufacturing plants, apartment buildings and airports. Since these machines are frequently stopped and started, technicians must have the right training skills to maintain and repair them.

Through ITC Learning’s DC motors training course your employees will learn how to handle and understand how DC motors work. In addition, they will learn how to control how fast (and in which direction) a DC motor operates.

A few other topics covered under ITC Learning’s training skills program include how to identify wear patterns and the causes of arcing and uneven segments and know how to correct them, understand how to prepare a commutator for reconditioning and how to clean and check the commutator after maintenance as well as how to inspect, select, install and seat brushes.

The DC motor has and continues to be the motor system chosen by machine builders due to its low inertia. So it’s important for your manufacturing facility to address these topics in the DC motor training skills course since employees need to know how to fix common motor problems before they become a disaster. By planning ahead, you can identify the topics you want your employees to learn about. Since DC motors are commonly an expensive piece of machinery, fixing a problem before it becomes a big issues is always important to increase or maintain the machines lifetime.