Is Your Maintenance Training Program Working?

There are many reasons why a maintenance training program is not working as it should. If you currently have a maintenance training program in place, but you’ve found that your employees haven’t learned the skills needed to do their jobs properly, it’s time to re-evaluate your training program. Does your maintenance training program cater to the needs of each employee? Is your maintenance training program too lengthy, not giving your employees enough time to process the information? Does it offer quizzes during the program and after the completion of the program to assess your employee’s skills and knowledge? Did it improve the performance of your last group of employees? Then it’s really time for a change.

Don’t continue to put up with low profits along with high overhead operation costs, low quality products, and high employee turnover because of a poor developed training program. A good manufacturing training program will help you lower operating cost while raising your profits. You simply need to commit to changing your training program and implement it within your manufacturing plant.

With self-paced online training classes in place your employees will be able to improve their skills in no time. ITC Learning offers web based assessments to test your employee’s current skills to assess what needs to be improved. Your employees are one of your company’s biggest assists and training them to PROPERLY maintain your equipment when problems small and large occur is important.