Control Valve Training

Choosing the right control valve is as important as training your manufacturing employees to properly operate them. With appropriate manufacturing training, you can reduce valve failure and keep your employees and the work environment safe. After completing ITC Learning’s manufacturing training class, your employees will realize that control valves is more than just the turning on and shutting off of fluids.

They will gain the skills and knowledge to:
• Understand how control valves are used in process industries
• Know how control valves can affect process efficiency, product quality, maintenance,
safety, and the environment
• Understand the operation of piston actuators
• Know the advantages and limitations of pneumatic actuators
• Replace other rotary valve parts
• Learn how to maintain pneumatic positioner and diaphragm actuator
• Describe seal designs that are required where leakage is not acceptable

In addition, control valves’ safety also plays an important role in all industrial process. With trained instrument technicians in-house, you can rest assured that your equipment is performing safely, reliably, and offer the lowest maintenance and overall cost in technical. Don’t hesitate to put a manufacturing training program in place for your employees to learn about control valves or have a course custom-designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Trust in the experienced professionals who are always ready to help you solve your company’s challenges.