What Training Courses Should You Offer When You Operate A Manufacturing Plant

When you think of manufacturing jobs, you don’t necessarily think you need any type of training. But a wide variety of manufacturing jobs actually require special skills and knowledge. Without proper training, your employees will not be able to perform the jobs properly or safely. Regardless of where your company is located, our manufacturing courses can be done right on your premise. This is because ITC Learning offers a variety of manufacturing courses which are available online, on CD-ROM or DVD/Video. The courses you decide to offer to your employees will, of course, depend on the type of products your manufacturing plant produces.

Here are some of the manufacturing training courses that are available:
Electronic Maintenance
• Fundamentals of Industrial Measurement
Industrial Process Control
• Instrumentation and Control Safety
• Interpreting Process Control Diagrams
• Pneumatic Maintenance

ITC Learning can help you match your training classes to your employees job descriptions as well as provide a web based assessment to evaluate the areas that they need to improve. Or you can have an online manufacturing class created for your staff. This will ensure that your employees get exactly the right training. Regardless of whether you decide to utilize our courses or have one tailored to suit your needs, we can help. By offering manufacturing training classes to your employees, you are creating valuable employees who will have the experience and training to move up within your company while keeping them loyal to you.