Training Industrial Electricians

If you’re looking for training that teaches your industrial employees theory, operation procedures and troubleshooting skills, we can help.  We have a full curriculum of courses for industrial companies to choose from. Our electrical courses have been designed to give your employees an in-depth understanding of the different electrical concepts, their fundamentals, how electrical motors and drives work, how to read blueprints, and much more.  Whether you’re a company that contracts out its electrical services or needs to train its technicians to maintain and fix electrical equipment at your company, we have the training programs you need.

Our electrical operations series includes classes about AC/DC motor theory, AC/DC motor maintenance, electrical print reading, conduit installation, and other subjects. For instance, our AC/DC Motor training course:

  • Identifies the components of an AC motor and explains their functions
  • Explains the basic magnetic principles, sine waves, methods of increasing magnetic flux in a conductor
  • Explains the characteristics of good conductors and insulators

Whether you’re a steel producer, electrical firm, motor vehicle manufacturer or other manufacturer, we have industrial electrical training classes to suit your company’s needs. Regardless of the training format—DVD/Video, CD-ROM or Online— that you and your employees decide to use, our training programs will give your employee the confidence to perform their jobs.

Any company that employs industrial electricians should stay abreast of the changing technology. If you need an electrical training course we don’t offer, we can create an online course to keep your employees up-to-date about the latest procedures.