Custom-designed training classes

If you’ve uncovered specific training needs that generic training programs are unable to meet, we can custom-design an online training program for your employees. Regardless of whether you’re an industrial company, maintenance company, manufacturing company, mechanical company, or plant, we can create a program for you. We will collaborate with you to identify the subjects that we’ll need to create an online training program for. We will tailor the content and the length of the training to suit your company’s needs.

ITC Learning’s custom-designed online training programs will help your employees to:

  • Learn unique skills and knowledge to perform their jobs correctly
  • Operate equipment or use a process that gives your company a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Perform a particular job consistently at different locations throughout the company

We can design and develop a single training program or an entire curriculum for your company. ITC Learning can turn your company’s processes and procedures into well-organized materials that can be easily administered by your training manager or selected employee.

Our courses will deliver relevant and the most modern concepts and techniques as well as use methodical testing to foster your employees understanding. We are experts at helping companies accomplish the learning objectives and exceed their expectations. We have previously custom-designed:

  • Industrial training programs
  • Maintenance training programs
  • Manufacturing training programs
  • Mechanical training programs
  • Plant training programs
  • Multimedia courseware
  • Training analysis
  • And print-based courseware

We can also create a program to assess the effectiveness of your training course to evaluate the programs strengthens and weaknesses. Our trainers are professionals with a proven track record of expertise in their field. Our training programs will help your company reduce training costs and time.  When a company needs to develop a training program that will teach their employees about the products they provide and the equipment they use, we can help.