Mechanical Maintenance Training

In today’s competitive marketplace, a company with reliable equipment and well-trained mechanical maintenance employees will have a competitive edge. By training your employees to understand the different predictive maintenance measures, they will have the tools needed to prolong your equipment and prevent major problems.

ITC Learning’s predictive maintenance program is designed for both maintenance personnel and equipment operators. Our predictive maintenance program involves key topics such as vibration analysis, lubricant and trend analysis, techniques for extending bearing life and much more. These classes will show your employees how to assess the equipment maintenance needs based on quantifies materials and equipment condition.

We understand that a well-orchestrated predictive maintenance program will enable you to eliminate most catastrophic equipment failures. In addition, parts or equipment will not need to be ordered ahead of time to support anticipated maintenance needs. This will also allow your equipment to be operated at an optimal level, which will also save energy costs and increase plant reliability.

By training your employee to become knowledgeable and skilled at predicative maintenance, your company will reap newfound efficiency and ultimately deliver greater profitability. We have an excellent track record when it comes to performance improvement.  We can help!

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